I Hear Chiropractors Make You Go a Million Times

August 10, 2017


So there are a few “negatives”(envision me doing air quotes please) that people have heard about chiropractors.  I get asked a few specific questions over and over again about chiropractors.  I am only going to cover one of them in this article but no worries I will get to the others!  One of these FAQ’s is why does the chiropractor make you go in so many times…aka…ugh he wanted me to come in 3 times a week!!….aka I went a couple times but it didn’t do anything. Ok, that last one is a slight variation but still relevant.  

People are unsure of the reason and often skeptical of chiropractors because they are told in many cases that the Chiro needs to see them 3 times a week for a few weeks, a few months in some cases, and taper down treatment after that.  Here is where your Chiro, me included, may have left out some really important information that would in most cases make this make total sense to you.  It’s so engrained in our chiropractic heads that we forget not everyone knows these reasons and when we fail to explain, our patients and potential patients miss out on valuable care because they just don’t have all the information.  Here is where I come in, let me tell you why!

So I might sound like a bit of a smart ass here but it’s the only way to say it….the reason you have to come for care more often, in the beginning, is because while chiropractic care IS awesome, it is a type of therapy done on the body, NOT, unfortunately, MAGIC!!  If I could cure any ailment in three visits I think I would have to be considered an actual miracle worker, but I’m just a doctor.  What most people don’t realize is that we are actually treating you LESS than almost any doctor has ever treated you for anything!  

That’s right!! But how can that be?? Let’s talk about Grandma (at least mine anyway), that’s being treated for high blood pressure.  She is on 2 meds taken once a day each. So her doctor is treating her 730 times a year!! Each one of those pills is that doctor’s treatment.  He isn’t a Magical Merlin Wizard Magician that cured my 82-year-old Grandmother’s high blood pressure in 3 office visits a year. He can just send you home with the treatment (not a cure) because it’s a pill.  Us chiros can’t do that.  Sure we may give you some supplements to take at home but we need to physically see you and touch you to treat you, which means I need you in my office.

Think about the last time someone you know had any other treatment on earth, think physical therapy, talk therapy,  if it only happened 3 times a year no one is going to be getting anywhere.  To make real change in the human body takes time and patience.  So maybe I need to see you 3 times a week for 6 weeks and go from there.  I think a healthy body is worth the time and effort. Once we have results I don’t need to see you that often.  But don’t worry you still get to come in and maintain those improvements.

You’ll just have to live with not seeing me multiple times a week 🙂

Dr. Rae Bouvin

Owner of Pro-Holistic Care